ASNA documents tagged 'licensing'
Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
ASNA product update info/advice licensingupgrade
This article provides advice and considerations for planning an ASNA product update
How to determine ASNA product versions datagate-ibm-idatagate-sql-serverlicensingmobile-rpgmonarchsynon-escapevisual-rpgwings
How to get ASNA product version and build numbers for Windows and IBM i products.
How to determine ASNA product versions licensing
This article explains where to find your ASNA product number and build versions.
Kelly Software and expired license keys licensing
This article explains the situation of Kelly Software customers needing license keys for ASNA products.
Monitoring Wings and Mobile RPG end-user licensing licensingmobile-rpgwings
This article shows how to determine how many Wings/Mobile RPG licenses you currently have and how many licenses are currently active.