ASNA Monarch Suite de Migración
Comer al elefante migratorio un bocado a la vez

ASNA WingsRPG®  provides a stepwise approach to RPG migration

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Application migration is a daunting, intimidating task. Its scope and complexity make it very hard for many managers to grasp where and how to start an application migration. To mitigate this seemingly overwhelming task, ASNA Monarch provides a stepwise approach to RPG migration. ASNA WingsRPG empowers you to can migrate your RPG applications in manageable steps.

What is ASNA Wings?

ASNA Wings is a suite of tools that help you migrate your RPG applications to a modern architecture. ASNA Wings provides a stepwise approach to RPG migration. ASNA Wings empowers you to migrate your RPG applications in manageable steps.

Wings transforms green screens into a Web ui Wings provides a superb first-step into a full RPG application migration

WingsRPG transforms IBM i green-screens into modern, attractive, browser pages. ASNA WingsRPG quickly and effectively gives your users the user experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic.

To produce its browser pages, WingsRPG uses Monarch's display file import engine. The browser-based display files that Wings produces are exactly same display files that Monarch produces. Wings is a great first-step into a staged IBM i RPG application migration with ASNA Monarch.

Benefits of using Wings as the first-step in application migration

  • Using WingsRPG provides hands-on experience for some of the Monarch migration process. You'll get a little experience with Visual Studio, Monarch work flows, and Monarch's deployment practices.
  • As a first step, WingsRPG has a tangible, free-standing deliverable: attractive browser pages.
  • For some businesses, a primary frustration with its legacy system is its archaic, green-screen user interface. WingsRPG may solve your business issues and allow you avoid further migration steps.

No other migration provides a seamless, stepwise approach to RPG migration like ASNA Monarch and ASNA WingsRPG does.

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