ASNA Monarch Suite de Migración
Nuestra metodología de migración ayuda a garantizar el éxito de la migración

ASNA's Unique and Proven Four-Phase Migration Methodology

At ASNA, we apply a very deliberate and rigorous approach to application migration planning. We are well into our second decade doing IBM i RPG migrations and have learned many hard lessons, shortcuts, and gotchas. An enterprise migration can't be successful without effective, careful planning.

Our Migration Methodology:

  • Makes it right the first time. Our approach to migration is driven by correctness and timeliness. Testing and rational scheduling are baked into our Migration Methodology.
  • Identifies third-party dependencies. The migration gaps caused by third-party dependencies are known and resolved well ahead of the migration.
  • Reveals your special cases early. Program described files, older RPG idioms, embedded SQL, and other considerations for your unique RPG patterns are all determined and resolved before the migration starts.
  • Ensures statement-of-work accuracy. Our methodology ensures that no surprises lurk in your migration. This enables us to create a dependable work timeline and a reliable estimate for your budget.