Add a web user interface for your RPG applications
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ASNA Wings takes you from green-screen to great

ASNA WingsRPG is the fastest, easiest way to provide a browser UI for your RPG applications

Your IBM i RPG applications are too good, and too important, to be judged by their green-screen user interface. That interface forms the first impression of IT decision-makers, users, IT decision-makers, business partners, and customers.

Wings transforms green screens into a Web ui

WingsRPG transforms IBM i green-screens into modern, attractive, browser pages. ASNA WingsRPG quickly and effectively gives your users the user experience they desire, with no disruptive changes to your RPG programming logic.

Wings wraps its user interface in an ASP.NET Razor page web application. Built on .NET (aka .NET Core) technology, your Wings presentation layer can be customized with the latest and greatest Razor page techniques.

WingsRPG builds its Web user interface from your green-screen display file source. It provides high fidelity with DDS keywords and doesn't require changing any RPG logic.

WingsRPG benefits

Extend application value. With ASNA Wings, your users will no longer perceive your IBM i applications as being old and out of date.

Rapid results. WingsRPG doesn't require any up-front design or analysis. You get results very quickly with WingsRPG.

User convenience. Wings enables your RPG applications to run in a browser–where your users' other applications reside. With ASNA Wings, your IBM i applications are no longer a legacy artifact.

Reliable and performant. The native IBM i Rational Open Access licensed program product (which is included with the IBM i operating system) enables Wings. Open Access, is secure, performant, and reliable.

No changes to RPG business logic and DB access. WingsRPG uses IBM's Open Access API (OA)—so application logic and database access remain unchanged in your RPG programs on the IBM i.

Built with industry standards. The WingsRPG presentation layer is a industry-standard Microsoft ASP.NET Web application engine. You can use any standard Web development technique or ASP.NET third-party control to customize WingsRPG.

Customizable. You can customize the Wings presentation layer with features such as Web service calls or Google maps without making any changes to the RPG program.

Our company has enjoyed working with ASNA for the better part of two decades. We recently started using ASNA Wings. The team at ASNA was incredibly accommodating and helpful as we evaluated if Wings was the right choice for us. Our Wings project is a great success thanks to ASNA.

—Bryce Pfrimmer, Lead Developer, Take Two, Manitoba, Canada