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Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
An IBM i mobile application for field techs ibm-imobile-rpg
Systems Implementation used ASNA Mobile RPG to create an IBM i mobile app for use by technicians in the field.
MPL uses ASNA Wings to improve AS/400 operator productivity ibm-iwings
Mediterranean Cleaning Products use ASNA Wings to improve its IBM i RPG application's user interface to increase user productivity and business opportunities.
Pathix uses ASNA Monarch to revitalize its flagship software ibm-imonarch
StandardAero (Pathix) used ASNA Monarch to make a strategic platform shift away from RPG for its aerospace IBM i application
Retail Assist uses ASNA Monarch to grow its customer base ibm-imonarch
Retail Assist, a UK-based supply-chain solution provider used ASNA Monarch to migrate its enterprise retail supply RPG application to .NET to broaden its customer base.
Vitec Nice ensures its RPG app's future with ASNA Monarch ibm-imonarchcase-study
Norway's Vitec Nice uses ASNA Monarch to provide a path to new customers.
How to confirm DataGate for IBM i's IP port assignment datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to confirm the IP port assigned to DataGate for IBM i.
How to determine DataGate for IBM i's library and version datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to confirm the library that your DataGate for IBM i instance uses.
How to test IP address and port for DataGate on the IBM i datagate-ibm-iibm-i
How to use PowerShell's test-netconnection cmdlet to ensure that your IBM i IP address and port are open and available to DataGate for IBM i.
How to uninstall DataGate for the IBM i datagate-ibm-iibm-i
This article explains how to uninstall one or all instances of ASNA DataGate for IBM i. Please read it carefully before starting the uninstall process.