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Licensing DataGate for IBM i 16.x

ASNA DataGate for IBM i 16.x introduces a license registration change. Starting with 16.x, the license now includes the IBM i partition number (LPAR). While there isn’t a direct way to see this value on your IBM i, there is an easy, indirect way (these steps are all read-only and don’t change anything on your IBM i):

First, from the IBM i command line:


Then, from the QCMD panel:


Which shows this display:

Using IBM's qlzarcapi API
Figure 1. Using IBM's qlzarcapi API

The Partition ID is in thePartition Info-> area, about four or five lines down (shown in Figure 1 above in the red box).

We’ll also need your IBM serial number. Get it with:


and your IBM i model number. Get it with:


Getting your license

Contact us and provide us with:

  • Company name
  • DataGate version number
  • IBM i model number
  • IBM i serial number
  • IBM i partition number (the red box in the image below)
  • User Count

and we’ll generate a license for you.

Applying the license

A apply the license with this command:


where [library] is the name of your DataGate library.

That displays the screen below shown in Figure 2:

Applying a DataGate license on the IBM i
Figure 2. Applying a DataGate license on the IBM i

As an aside, notice the the red box above in the Registration Assistant panel shows the Partition ID.

A big thank you to Matt Marsh at The Walt Disney Company for bringing the QLZARCAPI API to our attention and a big thank you to Simon Hutchinson for writing about the API at his blog

Published: Jan 4, 2024