ASNA documents tagged 'wings'
Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
MPL uses ASNA Wings to improve AS/400 operator productivity ibm-iwings
Mediterranean Cleaning Products use ASNA Wings to improve its IBM i RPG application's user interface to increase user productivity and business opportunities.
Systems Implementation looks to the future with ASNA Wings wings
Systems Implementation now offers a modern, extensible, and competitive user interface to its customers with ASNA Wings.
Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products mobile-rpgmonarchsynon-escapevisual-rpgwings
Browsers and mobile clients supported for ASNA products.
How to determine ASNA product versions datagate-ibm-idatagate-sql-serverlicensingmobile-rpgmonarchsynon-escapevisual-rpgwings
How to get ASNA product version and build numbers for Windows and IBM i products.
How to easily take an ASP.NET site offline asp-netmobile-rpgmonarchvisual-rpgwings
How to easily take an ASNA Visual RPG ASP.NET site offline.
How to stretch ASP.NET session timeout asp-netdatagate-ibm-imobile-rpgmonarchwings
This article shows how to stretch ASP.NET session timeout. This technique is good for Wings and Monarch to limit aborted session length.
Monitoring Wings and Mobile RPG end-user licensing licensingmobile-rpgwings
This article shows how to determine how many Wings/Mobile RPG licenses you currently have and how many licenses are currently active.
Using the Wings/Mobile RPG spool file viewer mobile-rpgwings
ASNA Wings and Mobile RPG includes a very handy spool file viewer. It lets you view, delete, or download spool files as PDFs.