ASNA documents tagged 'visual-rpg'
Technical references, how-tos, and trouble-shooting for ASNA products
Bridging vertical software silos with ASNA Visual RPG visual-rpg
Marous Brothers construction uses ASNA Visual RPG to integrate its IBM i with its third-party applications.
A simple date picker for AVR for .NET ASP.NET websites asp-netvisual-rpg
This article shows how to use HTML's intrinsic date picker in an ASP.NET web app.
An introduction to regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG visual-rpg
This is part 1 of 2 about using regular expressions with ASNA Visual RPG
ASNA Visual RPG for .NET Framework Primer visual-rpg
This document introduces several of the unique and powerful features of ASNA Visual RPG for .NET Framework.
AVR Classic and cloud environments visual-rpg
This article discusses considerations for moving an ASNA Visual RPG Classic application to a cloud provider.
AVR Classic and third-party controls visual-rpg
This article describes issues and conflicts with third-party controls and ASNA Visual RPG Classic.
AVR Classic upgrade guide visual-rpg
This article discusses upgrade strategies for ASNA Visual RPG Classic (our COM product).
AVR for .NET arrays: arrays as arguments visual-rpg
This article explains how to use arrays as arguments to methods with Visual RPG.
AVR for .NET arrays: dynamically-sized arrays visual-rpg
This article explains how to used ranked (aka dynamic) arrays in Visual RPG.