ASNA has a long, rich history of serving the IBM midrange community

ASNA is the leader in IBM i application migration and modernization

ASNA has been innovating enterprise computing solutions for the IBM midrange community since 1982. For the last thirty years ASNA has specialized in the extension, modernization, and migration of IBM midrange RPG applications.

ASNA offers a full complement of integrated software and services that elevate IBM i RPG assets. Our powerful .NET migration and development suites and our highly experienced services team enhance the value and capabilities of your IBM i RPG applications in many ways. With our software solutions, you can add better user interfaces to your RPG, create great IBM i mobile apps, create new apps with ASNA Visual RPG, and migrate your RPG applications to .NET, just to name a few things!

ASNA’s products leverage the Microsoft .NET platform to extend the IBM i. Using ASNA products as the bridge, the IBM i and the Microsoft .NET platform work in harmony to further enable and enhance your existing RPG application portfolio. ASNA is both an IBM Registered Business Partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

ASNA Milestones

ASNA Milestones