ASNA Monarch Migration Suite
Persist Your Business by Persisting RPG Applications!

ASNA Monarch® IBM i Migration Tools and Services

ASNA has been migrating enterprise IBM i RPG applications since 2005. We have finely tuned our migration tools over the years to get accurate and complete migration results effectively.

ASNA Monarch® migrates either hand-written RPG or Synon-generated RPG:

RPG Migration

ASNA Monarch® migrates IBM i RPG III, RPG IV (ILE RPG) to .NET. Monarch includes a suite of modules (described further below) that each helps perform the migration. RPG analytics, database conversion (if necessary), migration planning, a migration console are all part of Monarch.

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Synon Migration

Beyond hand-written RPG, ASNA Synon Escape® is able to migrate Synon/Cool:2E/CA-generated RPG. Synon Escape has several Synon-specific modules that factor the Synon model and its framework into the migration. Driven by the Synon model, our approach produces a readable, maintainable version of your RPG application derived from the Synon-generated RPG source.

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Some of Monarch's many features include:

Database Your Way

ASNA Monarch has two database options:

  1. Leave the database on the IBM i. This is for those who are keeping the IBM i.
  2. Migrate the IBM i DB2 database to SQL Server. This is for those who are migrating 100% off of the IBM i.

ASNA is the only IBM i migration vendor that offers the ability to continue to use your IBM i DB 2 database with a migrated application.

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Monarch Migration Console

ASNA Monarch includes the Monarch Cocoon, which provides a central console for the migration. The Cocoon investigates your RPG application and provides facilities to plan and perform the migration.

ASNA Monarch Cocoon
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Migration Methodology

Perhaps the most important thing we've learned in our years of IBM i application experience is how critically important a good migration plan is. Without a detailed migration plan, the migration isn't just likely fail, it will fail.

Our Four-Step Migration Methodology minimizes risks, exposes migration gaps early in the process, and provides a solid migration road map.

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Migration Target: C# or Encore RPG

ASNA Monarch is unique in the universe of IBM i RPG application migration: It is the only RPG migration solution that lets the migrated application target either Microsoft C# or Encore RPG (an RPG-like syntax for .NET).

At first blush, it may seem silly to select an RPG-like syntax for an IBM RPG application migration. And we'd generally agree with that for the long term, but Monarch has a very powerful trick up its sleeve with Encore RPG: At any time, with virtually no friction, an application migrated to Encore RPG can be convered to Microsoft C#.

For many IBM i shops, there are solid businesses reasons why they should start with Encore RPG and then later move to C#

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Stepwise Migration

Another thing that makes Monarch unique is that it enables a step-wise migration. Migrating an enterprise RPG application is a challenging task that requires lots of thought and effort. The task is a very large elephant to eat all at once.

ASNA Monarch provides some step-wise paths that enables your team to eat the RPG migration elephant a little at a time.

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A Migration Workflow That Works For Your Team

While technical aspects of an RPG migration are very important, it also important to consider the human and business aspects of a migration. ASNA offers many paths you can take for your IBM i RPG enterprise migration.

The ASNA Services Team engages your team in any capacity to make your migration a success. From mentoring to full migration, our Services Team, and the Monarch Migration Suite are there to deliver a success migration.

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