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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript resources

Kevin Powell courses and YouTube channel

Kevin focuses mostly on CSS and HTML . His free courses start at the beginner level and include:

Conquering Responsive Layouts

HTML & CSS Crash Course

Build a space travel website

Kevin also has premium courses available for $50 to $250. Kevin also has a YouTube channel that focuses almost exclusively on CSS and HTML.

Wes Bos courses

Wes focuses mostly on JavaScript, CSS, Node, and front-end technologies. His free courses start at the beginner level and include:


CSS Grid

CSS FlexBox

Wes also has premium courses available for $44.50 and up. Wes (along with Scott Tolinksi) most the Syntax podcast. It covers front-end technologies. Wes also has a YouTube channel that focuses on front-end technologies.

Modern CSS Solutions website by Stephanie Eckles

Stephanie provides lots of great CSS content. This site features many great, focused tips on using CSS. is also Stephanie’s work with other focused CSS examples.

Miriam Suzanne Code Pens

Miriam Suzanne is a leading CSS guru. She is an Invited Expert on the W3C CSS Working Group and her work can be found in many places, including here. Anytime you Google “CSS” and see Miriam’s name, click that link!

Google Chrome Developers YouTube Channel

The Google Chrome Developer’s channel has a little something for everyone. There are so helpful videos on using Chrome Developer Tools. For intermediate/advanced CSS/JS devs, the real gold here is Adam Argyle’s Gui Challenges. Adam really knows his way around CSS and JavaScript. Each of his challenges goes deep on a specific topic. If you are an intermediate-level CSS/JS coder, digging into any of Adam’s GUI challenges makes lots of lightbulbs come one (each video also includes a blog post and a GitHub link). His Dialog, Buttons, and Tabs videos are good places to start.

Other YouTube channels worth checking out

9elements (especially Stephanie Eckles’ content)

Code in Public -



Coding Tech

Colt Steele



Frank Liu

Free Code Camp

Scott Hanselman

Net Ninja

Web Dev Simplified

Published: Jan 11, 2024