Add a web user interface for your RPG applications

ASNA Wings takes your RPG programs from green-screen to great

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ASNA WingsRPG is the fastest, easiest way to provide a browser UI for your RPG applications. Beyond performing stand-alone application modernization, WingsRPG can also be great first-step into a staged IBM i RPG application migration with ASNA Monarch.

ASNA Wings borrows the display file import component from ASNA Monarch to create browser-based versions of your green-screen display files. Wings works through the IBM i's Rational Open Access to transparently redirect RPG's the display file data stream to Wings browser-based displays. This all happens without any invasive changes to RPG programming logic.

With Wings, you just roll up your sleeves and start importing display files. You can get results in a day with ASNA Wings. Should you later decide to do a full Monarch migration, the display file work you've done with Wings is upwardly compatible with ASNA Monarch.

Wings provides a "Wings Design Aid" which is Visual Studio snap-in. Despite living inside Visual Studio, no code is needed to use ASNA Wings. The Wings Design Aid reads display files and translates them to HTML 5 files. The Design Aid produces a C# Web application that is deployed to a Windows Web server—the imported display files reside in this project.

Wings uses IBM's Open Access API

The IBM Open Access API provides a transparent way for RPG programs to redirect file data on input and output. For ASNA WingsRPG, the Open Access API redirects display file data to and from an HTML 5 browser-based user interface. The Open Access API ships as a Licensed Program Product with IBM i.

ASNA WingsRPG uses the IBM i Open Access api
Display file data flow with ASNA WingsRPG

Wings pages can be customized

Wings produces its pages using ASP.NET's Razor pages. The cosmetics of these pages can be customized with CSS. For example:

Original green-screen
Wings base output
Wings with minimal CSS

Using minimal CSS you can:

  • Change page's colors and logos to match your corporate branding
  • Move things around on page for more white space and clarity
  • Change fonts and heading attributes (ie, bold and italics)

With C# or Encore RPG knowledge, Wings pages can be more substantially customized to include images, make Web service calls, or display data from alternative data sources.

Wings includes a browser-based 5250 emulator

ASNA Wings makes the browser your users' entry point into your IBM i RPG application. A single URL gets them into the app (after signing in).

Displays that you've modernized with Wings are shown with the modernization in effect. Non-modernized displays are passed off transparently to Wing's built-in 5250 browser-based emulator.

ASNA Wings 5250 emulator with default color scheme
Modernized customer details screen

The Wings emulator makes it easy to modernize selected parts of your application easily. Wings lets you modernize your application incrementally without any deep analytical work. Just Non-modernized displays are passed off transparently to Wing's built-in 5250 browser-based emulator.