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ASNA product update info/advice

  • ASNA products are available for download from our downloads page. An account is no longer needed to download our products.
  • Always read the release notes before applying a new version of an ASNA product. Release notes are available next to the product on the download page. 
  • Before installing any updates, please make sure the target PC has had all updates installed (search for “Windows updates” in the Task bar’s search panel. Then click “check for updates.”). 
  • Our general version policy is to support the current version and one version back. We strongly recommend that you do not get more than one version back from the currently supported version. For example, with ASNA Visual RPG 17.x and ASNA Visual RPG 16.x being currently supported, using anything older than AVR 15.x is likely to make your upgrade path more challenging. The farther behind you get the more challenging the upgrade may be. 
  • ASNA Windows products upgrades, even if source code doesn’t need to be changed, should be done by someone on your staff familiar with both your application and our products. Our technical support team assumes that you have a domain expert who is able to troubleshoot and perform your upgrade. If you don’t have someone with those skills available, tech support may need to refer you to our services department for our hands-on help to perform your upgrade.
  • Please remember that any third-party controls your application uses are beyond ASNA’s purview. As your application’s reliance on third-party controls increases, so does the likelihood that you’ll bump into issues upgrading your applications. This is especially true for AVR Classic applications.
  • Our products are fully regression tested before being released for general availability. However, we strongly recommend you fully test any major version upgrade in a staging/test environment before deploying that upgrade to production. (Some of you may say, “I don’t have a staging/test environment!” To that we say, “Yes, yes you do. What you don’t have is a production environment.”)
  • Please keep license costs in mind as you plan your upgrade. If your maintenance isn’t current, or for some version upgrades, license fees may be required. Contact your local ASNA sales rep if you have questions about your account or email us at
Published: Jan 9, 2024