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The DG8SVCPRF user profile and multiple DataGate with IBM i instances

The following information applies to all GA releases of DataGate for IBM i (DG) from v15 through the current (v17).

When multiple DG instances are installed, can each instance have its own service *USRPRF (other than DG8SVCPRF)?

No. DG8SVCPRF cannot be configured per-instance. All instances of DG must share the same *USRPRF object, and it must be named DG8SVCPRF.

When a second DG instance is installed, is DG8SVCPRF deleted and recreated?

No. If DG8SVCPRF exists (whether or not any DG instance is already installed), it is used as the service *USRPRF for the new instance. If DG8SVCPRF does not exist, the installer creates it via the CRTUSRPRF command. In either case, the installer ensures DG8SVCPRF is assigned certain required attributes (more info below).

When a new DG instance is installed, is a new *JOBD created?

Only if the installation library does not already contain a *JOBD object named DG8SVCJOBD, one is created there. It is created via the CRTDUPOBJ command, which specifies the well-known system object QDFTJOBD *JOBD, residing in the QGPL library, as the OBJ source object parameter. Whether or not the installer creates DG8SVCJOBD, it ensures the *JOBD has certain required attributes. It invokes the CHGJOBD command, specifying the JOBMSGQFL(*WRAP) and QLWMLTTHD(*NO) parameters, and sends an *ESCAPE message if the command fails. It also invokes the CHGOBJOWN command, specifying the NEWOWN(QDFTOWN) parameter, and sends an *ESCAPE message if the command fails.

When a second DG instance is installed, is its *JOBD always associated with DG8SVCPRF?

Yes. The installer ensures the DG8SVCJOBD *JOBD in the installation library is associated with DG8SVCPRF via the CHGUSRPRF command. Whether or not DG8SVCPRF is created, the installer ensures the *USRPRF has this and other required attributes (see below).

What other attributes are assigned to DG8SVCPRF at installation time?

The CRTUSRPRF command, if invoked by the installer (see above), is passed these parameters:


Even if the DG8SVCPRF is not created by the installer, the CHGUSRPRF command is always invoked on DG8SVCPRF with these parameters:

  • JOBD(&InstlLib/DG8SVCJOBD)

where &InstlLib is the target installation library.

The DG8SVCPRF Status should always be *DISABLED

The DG8SVCPRF profile’s Status should always be disabled to eliminate the possibility of someone using it to sign into an interactive session on the IBM i. Disabled IBM i user profiles can submit jobs.

Published: Jan 9, 2024